Mirror Acrylic Sheet
1,Perfect effect of reflect light, looks like real mirrors;
2,Excellent electrical insulation, very light in weight.
3,High plasticity, Processing,shaping or laser cutting easier.
4,Strong surface hardness and good weather resisting property
5,Beautiful in colour, easy to clean

Features of acrylic mirror sheet

1,Perfect effect of  reflect light, looks like real mirrors;

2,Excellent electrical insulation, very light in weight.

3,High plasticity, Processing,shaping or laser cutting easier.

4,Strong surface hardness and good weather resisting property

5,Beautiful in colour, easy to clean

 Applications of acrylic mirror sheet

Construction:Show window,doors,light-absorpting shade,telephone booth.
Advertisement:Lamphouse,signboard,indicator,display rack.
Medical:Infant incubator,many kinds of medical apparatus.
Civilian goods:Bath room,art work,cosmetics,bracket.
Lighting:Daylight lamp,ceiling lamp,lampshade.

Size(mm)1220 x 2440mm 1220 x 1830mm 1250 x 2450mm(4'x8')
1220 x 2420mm 1220 x 1820mm 1250 x 1850mm (4'x6')
1600 x 2600mm 1500 x 2100mm 1850 x 2450mm (6'x8')
2050 x 3050mm 1020x2020mm
Cut to sizeSize
Thickness(mm)1.8mm                 2.0mm- 3/32''
3.0mm- 1/8''        4.5mm- 3/16''
6.0mm- 1/4''        9.0mm- 3/8''
12.0mm- 1/2''     18.0mm- 3/4''
25.40mm- 1''       30mm
Flexible thickness
Colorclear (Transparent/Crystal/Cristal)
Opal WhiteMilky White
Opaque White
Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Purple, Pink, Grey
Tinted Colors
Flurocesent (Neon) - Green, purple, orange, yellow....
All customize colors
TypeFabric Acrylic (Cloth Acrylic), golden, silveryGlitter Acrylic (Gold, Silvery, Red, Blue, Green)
Frosted Acrylic
Mirrored Acrylic Sheet
Cast/Extruded Acrylic
Marble pattern acrylic
Wooden pattern acrylic
Aquarium acrylic
Customize color

Technical Properties

Rockwell Hardness   M-100
Shear Strength   630Kg/cm2
Tensile Strength   760Kg/cm2
Yield Strength   1260Kg/cm2
Rupture Strength   1050Kg/cm2
Light Transmittance   94%
Refractive Index   1.49
Heat Distortion Temperature   100℃
Thermal Forming Temperature   140℃-180℃
Coefficient of linear Thermal   Expansion   6×10-5cm/cm/℃
Dielectric Strength   20Kv/mm
Water(24HRS)Absorption   0.30%

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